School's History


Primary Phase

Under the title of Dubai Iranian Elementary School, in 1336, it started its activities as the first Iranian school in the United Arab Emirates and was managed by the Culture Department of the Southern Ports (Bushehr). The primary school has continued to operate in a mixed manner.

Middle Phase

In the 51st-50th academic year, under the name of Abu Ali Sina Educational Middle School, at the same time with the change in the educational system in Iran, it started its activities by accepting students in the first grade of middle school and continued its activities in a mixed manner. Academic year 59-58 Boys 'school has separated from girls The name of Bu Ali Boys' Middle School has followed its educational activities

High School

In 1342, the appendix of the Iranian Iranian School of Dubai started its activities with the launch of the first high school class. From the academic year of 1958-59, it has been separated in terms of gender, and since the academic year of 1959-56, it has continued its activities under the new name of Shahid Mohammad Baqer High School.

Due to the development of Iranian schools, in terms of quantity and quality, with the help of the authorities of the time, the educational place will be built and completed in Qasis area. Admission of students in three courses forms an independent educational complex with a single management.

Salman Farsi School spesification

The complex land has been donated by Mr. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai, and the cost of its construction is estimated at around 50 million dirhams at the beginning, which has been provided from public donations and donations.

The 8,000-square-meter complex has been built on a 36,000-square-meter plot of land in the Qasis area of ​​Dubai. The construction of the complex started on February 3, 1994, and the first phase was completed in 8 months. It was inaugurated on 7/19/74 in the presence of Dr. Najafi, the then Minister of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the second phase was launched in 2009. Is. The institute continues its activities in the first three semesters of the first and second secondary courses in the fields of experimental sciences, humanities and professional sciences in the field of designing and developing web pages, and works alongside the Ehsan section for exceptional students.

Features and facilities of the complex

The current building of the complex is made up of two sections and each of them has two floors. In addition to the office rooms, it has 26 classrooms, a library with a capacity of 4500 books, a multi-purpose hall (prayer hall, gatherings and examinations) with the necessary facilities. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards and the complex is equipped with elementary, middle school, chemistry, physics and biology laboratories. The complex also includes three computer workshops with a capacity of more than 40 computers and equipped with all facilities, a football field, an Indian Ball field, a volleyball court, and a basketball court.


More than 90 percent of 12th graders graduate each year, and almost all of them study at prestigious universities around the world or are attracted to the labor market in the UAE.

Salman Farsi School's Principals

- Mr. Rahim Madinan (74)

- Mr. Hussain Salavati (76)

- Mr. Abdolhamid Izadi (79)

- Mr. Hussain Dortaj (81)

- Mr. Abdullah Bayat (84)

- Mr. Eisa Malekpour(86)

- Mr. Ali Asghar Keshavarz (87)

- Mr. Rashid Ghorbani (89)

- Mr. Ali Orangi(91)

- Mr. Saralhagh Abedi (92)

- Mr. Farhad Farhadifard(94)

- Mr. Hussain Khosravi Farsani (96)

- Mr. Farhad Farhadifard(98)

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