Principal Message


In the name of God

In today's world, the education of children at the macro level and the education of children, adolescents and young people at the formal level do not have a single custodian and cover a wider scope of the administrative structure of education. In other words, education; Seeing time, place, person, conditions and facilities, etc. in the light, and that is why it is becoming more and more scientific and technical, and certainly with the knowledge of yesterday, today, it is not possible to bring tomorrow's students to maturity and prosperity. .

The necessary condition is the fulfillment of the necessary requirements by all those who deal with the category of education and in the field of school, it includes the three sides of parents, educators and educational contents (and facilities).

The commitment to this "teaching triangle" can be twofold: first, we want students to grow in all aspects of science, aesthetics, philosophy, morality, and spirituality, and to own their own "learning"; Not a "time trustee" and of course, a short time! Second) Prepare students for work and social environments. They need to be prepared for a period of life, not just for living, but for "lifelong learning," learning to live and be together, and a sense of joy and hope of success and failure.

The educational and training planners of the complex have tried and are trying to "evaluate" their scientific-applied knowledge and findings in the educational environment and outside, constantly evaluating, reconstructing and updating their ideas and skills. Be yourself and in this regard by preventing monotony, daily life and lethargy; It tries to refresh the "learning system". What he believes is the "death of thought" in "contentment" and "intellectual stagnation." What we have achieved is the result of consensus, cooperation, alignment of esteemed parents, esteemed colleagues and dear students, as well as the valuable opinions of the honorable professors of education, and we hope that, by God's grace, higher steps will be taken towards higher goals.